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Originally Posted by Hoodster View Post
After my first year of comps I've seen a lot of bad kneeling positions that seem to be overlooked and its not just the odd beginner i've witnessed shoot offs in front of the entire field sitting on a collapsed back leg.
" ... a collapsed back leg ".

No one actually cheats ...

Some shooters have collapsed buttocks that may give the impression that they are sitting on the bag. Some others have deformities where their wrist joint is actually forwards of the thumb and right at the bottom of their fingers. Others have what's known as " Tin Chicken Dyslexia " ... they read the kneeling rule in FT and HFT ( it's basically the same ) but their mind actually interprets it as something entirely different.

Partners and marshalls, even in major shoot offs, are mysteriously struck down with an acute dose of " The King's New Clothes'itis ". They can see that something is clearly wrong ... but just can't bring themselves to say anything.

So ... even though you are new ... and we've done the kneeling thing a million times ... you got this bit right ...

Originally Posted by Hoodster View Post
So whats the point of the kneeling rule if its not enforced?
It would be best if the written rule was " Kneeling lane ... Do what the **** you want ". That's the rule that everyone else shoots to.

Enjoy your shooting for a few months ... then pop back on and start a thread entitled " Slings in FT ". Later we can move onto " High angled shots in FT ... can I use my dead Grandma's fully adjustable prosthetic leg as a hamster ... I'm desperate for that one extra point? ".

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