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ALL are 0.177 with exception of a pre AT Air Arms S410

- AA S410 Carbine - Ginb
- AA S410 Classic (0.22) - Ginb
- AA S510 Bull barrell - Thumbhole

- HW100 Carbine

- Rohm Air Hunter

- Walther LG300 Hunter
- Walther LG300 Alutech w. Big Nikko

- Steyr LG110 HP - Ginb
- Steyr LG110 FT w. Big Nikko- ordering Gary Cane stock, hamster, grip
- Steyr LG110 FT - ordering Gary Cane stock, hamster, grip

- Anschutz 9003 Premium - Jon Harris is receiving the gun & will work his magic to boost to 12 lb/ft

TOTAL: 11 for now...

Looking to add 14+ MORE to the collection before I start any FT competition
> in order of preference & priority <

- LG300 FT Laminate (may order from Krale)
- Feinwerkbau P70FT Blue (contacted some members here)
- Anschutz 8002 (checking daily for whats on offer - for power upgrade mod to 12 lb/ft)
- Feinwerkbau P700 Universal Laminate (for power upgrade mod to 12 lb/ft)
- Feinwerkbau P700 Black Alutech (for power upgrade mod to 12 lb/ft)
- Steyr LG110 Hunter all in BLACK
- AA EV2 MkV
- Ripley AR4 or AR5 - or both
- FX Cyclone- BTAS , rifle & carbine
- FX Royale
- HW100S
- HW100KT Bull barrell
- Falcon Prairie Classic Multi shot Thumbhole

...phew ! thats it for now.

Still looking for several Big Nikkos & eventually *NEW* Falcon FT50 when launched..and maybe a couple of S&B FT's, but at 2K a pop (4 Nikkos), It will be the last items down the list....oh ! and I forget, eventually a compressor, and perhaps convert the garage to a workshop with all mod con tools just to service my babies !

Just Sold on BBS:
BSA T10 Scorpion- what a load of cr*p !

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