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Originally Posted by evohuntsman View Post
the barrel is attached by the small band at the front, its just that I,ve been told it is better accuracy wise to have this floating,,but then others are saying leave it how it is as its how air arms have designed it, I was just curious as to what the EV2 owners thoughts were,
many thanks for the reply,s chaps, but is there a noticeable difference between the two
Every gun will be different as every barrel is not 100% perfectly straight if your lucky you will get one that behaves as temperature changes and wont cause your POI to move around.

If the barrel is held under tension with the band then as things warm up the barrel will move but because its pinned in place as metal expands it will tweak slightly (bit like why they leave gaps in train tracks as the rails expand without the gaps they will kink).. You will find most ft shooters will have their barrel floated be it a styer, aa, ans, walther but those who never chased the zero moving will have just left them alone cos they just work
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