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Originally Posted by evohuntsman View Post
the barrel is attached by the small band at the front, its just that I,ve been told it is better accuracy wise to have this floating,,but then others are saying leave it how it is as its how air arms have designed it, I was just curious as to what the EV2 owners thoughts were,
many thanks for the reply,s chaps, but is there a noticeable difference between the two
Undo the grub screws on the ring attatched to the muzzle break, slide it off and then slide back there any resistance! As you slide it back on, does it feel like its pushing the barrel up or down as it goes back in place?. Personally I would float the barrel, it illumunates any possible movement like I had on my ev2 mk1 which would shoot fine at the start of the charge but would shoot lower at the bottom of the charge..after floating the barrel it shot the same from 190 bar down to 110 bar that's why I floated the barrel on the mk 4 with out even firing a shot...its been mega ever since
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