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Default General Info, please read

Time for my usual little bit of info along with a few requests for our MFTA winter league round.

PARKING - Our club seems to be ever changing in this regard but while things should improve for next year parking remains tight for this shoot. There should be plenty of room but please try to car share where possible. We will endeavour to park everyone so that the first session shooters can get away once they have shot should they wish to do so. PLEASE follow the direction of whoever is sorting the parking out. If anyone should become abusive they will find they won't be shooting, we are trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone, not just individuals.

A food wagon has been arranged, we also have our usual facilities in the clubhouse, heating, toilets. Booking in will be in the clubhouse, please sign in to our guest book too.

I don't really wish to discuss these matters but last year you all managed to break the toilet Go easy on it! We rely on rainwater for the flushing so please only flush when it needs it.

Safety as always is paramount, don't be offended if you are doing something daft and you are asked not to

Some of the clubs other ranges may be in use for other competitions, please let shooters on these ranges concentrate.

Timings will be as normal and hopefully the weather will be kind to us. Looking forward to seeing you all next Sunday,

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