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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I don't see how having a 'starter' class, where they still shoot the same course, in the same fashion, as everyone else, gives confidence. If you score 34/60, you score 34/60 whether your name shows up in a 'starter' class or 'Open'. Maybe you get to see your name against other people who have also probably scored low, but you still score 34/60.

There's never been loads of juniors. Not like in sports such as football, cricket etc where there are loads of juniors under 18. A lot of blokes probably had an interest in airguns as a kid or teenager and then did the usual stuff ... got a job, met girls, got married, had kids etc. Then at 35 or 40 ish they are too old for physical sports and regain an interest in airguns as something to do on Sunday mornings. So HFT and FT is probably a sport that blokes get into at an older age.

Are there any figures to show how many juniors/newbies are coming to the local clubs and are still there after a year or two?

I know for a fact a large amount of newbies at our club M.A.D have given up comps within the year..l personally have been told it's a bit off putting competing against the top shots and would feel a little less out of their depth if they had a goal to aim for within their first year against people of a similar level my orginal post is trying to encourage newcomers and although ladies seem to have a stepping stone because most of the ladies who have won a few titles opt out into the open leaving a level playing field for new lady shooters the blokes don't have this option after all we should be encouraging our future shooters not making them feel like a rubbish shot if they take longer to get the hang of it than others. I feel if they have a "title" to aim for it really gives them something to get thier teeth stuck into...and starts them thinking of competitive shooting as apposed to "oh well that's another Sunday where I've shot my pants off as a newcomer to come in the bottom few in the comp...its a bit disheartening methinks.


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