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Originally Posted by Pecky View Post
Lets clarify a few points.
When the Pulsar was working as it should it was one of the finest air rifles i have ever shot.
Silky smooth, whisper quiet with the Huggett suppressor on it and very accurate.
My gripe is that i paid 2000 just for the gun without any accessories and do not expect or accept that a gun costing this much money should fail me from day 1.
Then the indexing pin let go TWICE and as I've heard with most Pulsars it developed a leak from the main cylinder so it went back to Daystate TWICE.
I was then informed that the indexing pin was a weak point on the rifle and had been upgraded to a newer stronger indexing pin.
This newer pin jammed first time out and i got a reputable Black Country gun smith to look at and repair the fault.
When i sold the gun it was working better than ever and it was a tough decision to let it go..
Sometimes you have to chose functionality over form and something that might look crap can perform better than imagined and something thats the new super duper wonder gun just doesn't cut the mustard.
I am sure after the initial teething problems the Pulsar will be a well respected and sought after rifle.
For me I've gone rightly or wrongly back to basics with what i class to be a quality second hand gun.
Only time will tell if I've done the wright thing but I'm happy and thats all what counts to me.
Probably done the right thing for you, once you have a downer on a kit you lose your concentration and end up peed off everytime something goes wrong , even when stuff works fine there always the doubt in your mind ,
We had a chap down our club recently with a problem with one , apparently he said it was down to a pin on
the magazine fitted in the wrong hole (of which there were two next to each other) , dunno if this is the indexing pin your talking about but as far as I, m aware its fine now its been moved , hope this helps anyone out there puzzled with the same issue ,

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