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Another update to the situation for anyone who might be interested..

A few days ago a package arrived from Benke, containing a replacement barrel, a couple of replacement gauge windows and a nice Steyr-branded Victorinox (apparently as a gesture of good will).

While I was very, very glad for these bits to have finally arrived (I'm hugely grateful to Steyr, whose intervention seems to have made all the difference) the "back-ordered" 73 Euro Weaver rail is still absent.. which I'll be contacting Adam about.

So in its nearly wrapped-up state, my dealings with Benke have been somewhat of a mess. In summary:

- Ordered rifle, was poorly-advised on differences between guns of different muzzle energy levels, rifle arrived damaged (barrel, gauge window) and not supplied with all parts ordered (Weaver rail).

- Contacted Benke to request replacements for damaged parts and rest bits to complete order (Weaver rail), yielding lots of advice and positive words but ultimately zero action.

- Spent a few quid and many hours setting the rifle up to perform properly at 16J - something I was told was just a matter of changing the transfer port.

- Eight months later, having contacted Steyr Sportwaffen replacement barrel and gauge windows arrive, along with the knife apparently as a gesture of good will. Still no Weaver rail.

Make of this what you will.. I get the feeling that Adam Benke is basically a decent bloke, but for some reason really had problems getting anything done to sort the issues I had with my order.. needless to say I'd be looking elsewhere in future, should I decide to buy from Europe again.
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