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Default Same Ol Same Ol

Sorry to hear about the misfortune with the Pulsar mate but you do hear it time & time again.

Guy buys a new rifle, it's the bee's knees all singing all dancing tac driver...........then it goes wrong, all of a sudden it's a pile of rocking horse pooh.

It does NOT matter what air weapon you buy they will always fail sooner or later, they just have to, moving parts mean wear / tear which need replacing, it will never change pattern.

There is No ultimate rifle just different grades of functionality & better produced parts.

I have never heard of the Daystate the MK4 LE Platinum but having just checked Google I must admit it looks pretty neat, the GP is a really nice example & so is the CRX but they all at the better quality end of the scale.

The one thing new air gunners should take note of is this situation, don't EVER buy into sales or buyers hype, always do your homework first, try a few & make an informed decision.

No Tidy British made gun hmmmmmmm really !!!

There are a few 'classic' guns that some want in their collection be it because of the looks, breed, accuracy etc etc but like I said every gun will fail in the end.

Hope this one works out for you though as it's a nice piece.

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