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Originally Posted by Capt View Post
Has anyone ever had lost of zero with this scope?

Looking back over the past 6 months its happened a few times & put it down to other things & not the scope. Recently I lost an ” in elevation within a week after being very accurate. The MPR FPS is consistent (sweet spot found) & mounted on an AJP riser rail & Sportsmatch fully adjustable mounts. Stored upright in a case.

What else could it be?
As Dave (Maddog) says Look at the mounts had the same set up as you and the same problem zero shift. Found that the mounts did not sit perfect on the AJP rail ie the dovetail was not deep enough ended up packing the top of the rail so when the mounts were tightened in pulled the mounts/scope down on to the rail problem solved . For packing I used pvc insulation tape which worked for me.
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