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Unhappy Hawke 10x32x50 airmax clicks keep changing grrr.

Originally Posted by Capt View Post
Has anyone ever had lost of zero with this scope?

Looking back over the past 6 months its happened a few times & put it down to other things & not the scope. Recently I lost an in elevation within a week after being very accurate. The MPR FPS is consistent (sweet spot found) & mounted on an AJP riser rail & Sportsmatch fully adjustable mounts. Stored upright in a case.

What else could it be?
I wonder if the cause was ever found? Any advice will be received with gratitude.
I've got a similar issue, for two weekends on the trot I've zeroed at 35 yards, went plinking and missed the furthest and nearest targets... checked my zero and it's moved. Reset zero, checked tightness on the turrets and got half way around the course perfect. Then couldn't hit a thing. Spent a few hrs at Millride noting the clicks because nothing matched chair gun any more. Again, they keep changing.

Today (sad I know) not to be beat by the weather/temperature variation etc. At Atherton indoors, zeroed and noted the clicks on all the yardages. .. but each time I went back to a previously verified click number it had changed. (Wasn't a wasted Day as I was able to help Darren verify his chair gun clicks on his Pulsar and dot aim points for his Ultra SE). Scope mount risers were added (thanks Jim) red herring or poss. Cause?
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