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Hold on a minute, the greatest Daystate ever produced, the Platinum? I remember when they first came out and several left the Tawd round of UKAHFT in Tony's boot as they had broken down first time out!

It doesn't make it a bad gun though, now they are sorted it could and hopefully will live up to your expectation. I have heard people say the Platinum was the most accurate rifle they ever fired.

Sadly new models being under developed seems rife across manufacturers as more development time costs more money. The FTP suffered a few issues and the R10 more than a few! But sometimes they are released early due to public pressure asking is it ready yet?! Air Arms should be commended for the approach they took with the HFT500, no one knew of its existence until the shops had them on the rack! Launched one day and you could get one the next, giving them all the time they needed without any date targets or pressure to get them out the door. Admittedly it is mostly a parts bin special so should have been an easy build but the approach used should be adopted by more manufacturers.
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