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Default Pistol damage.

At the club today and enjoying a bit of practise on the pistol range getting used to my recently purchased nice bit of well made sturdy kit,the Cometa Indian pistol.
One of the things that drew me to this pistol in the first place apart from the reasonable price was the fact that it is built mainly from metal and not plastic like most modern pistols and would therefore last me years.....but I forgot, I have a son.
Ryan had a go with the pistol and on his second ever shot with it let go of the cocking arm while compressing the spring (not a hard job to any regular person) which sprung back and hit the breach and slide which is one of the few plastic parts on this guessed it.....metal is harder than plastic and the whole of the breach loading block including the probe and seal snapped clean off and cannot be repaired.
I'm gutted

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