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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Looking at the scopes used, It seems the use of leupold scopes is on the decline compared to the big nikko and the sightron..!��
The only viable Leups were the 20-50 and the competition series in whatever flavour x35,x40 & x45. The 20-50 had a steep learning curve and was susceptible to temperature variations though less than the earlier EFR scopes. The comp. series is a superb fixed mag. range-finder, probably the best all round FT scope for clarity, lightness and performance only let down by the redicilously thin reticle which was easy to lose especially in woodland or against any fussy background.

Ah, and you needed to have a properly fitting gun, i.e. be able to look at the target and smoothly bring the rifle up and you're looking right at it. No zooming out to find the target while the clock ticks with this baby.

Given the choice of any scope for FT I would go for a x40 competition with a decent reticle every time, it was the March of it's day and at 700 was a steal.
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