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Originally Posted by GaryB View Post

I went to the range early this morning to set about setting up my new scope a Sightron Siii. It's a lovely piece of equipment and have now ranged most distances. However after about 2 hours the front lens started to kind of fog up and blur so I tried cleaning it with the lens cloth I had to hand (which was new and clean so not contaminated with anything) but it didn't really help and pretty much smudged things to the point I just packed up and went home. It wasn't raining, about 14 degrees but a lot of damp in the air but by the time I got home the heat of the car must have dried it up and it was clear as anything.

I don't think for one minute there's a problem with the scope but I found it very strange as I've had many scopes that have never done that before.

Has anybody experienced this and have any tips to stop it or any thoughts on it?

I have the same siii 10-50x60 and occasionally get condensation on the outside of the lens. It was a combination of the rear lens being cold and my breathing on it . As long as the fog is on the outside of the lens there is no issue. Any lens is susceptible to it.
Let it acclimatise when moving from one temp extreme to another and watch you aren't breathing on the rear lens.
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