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Here's the rule John.

It's the no lateral support and flat surface bits which apply here.

I. Any shooting position is allowed, but some lanes may be designated as ‘standing’ or ‘kneeling’.
II. Lanes designated kneeling may be shot from the standing position (Both targets must be shot
using the same position).
III. All shots, from whatever shooting position must be made with the rifle’s muzzle wholly beyond
the firing line and the rifle’s trigger wholly behind the firing line.
IV. Fully adjustable Rifle Stocks are permitted to accommodate various shooting styles and
positions with no limitation as to design. Additional attachments are not permitted to be added
or removed during the course of the event
a. The use of a sling, single or double point, for any shot is to be allowed to steady the aim and for
carrying a rifle between lanes.
b. Competitors shall not gain extra support by resting their feet against any post or similar object
that forms part of the course. Equally, the back must not rest against any support that is not part
of the shooter’s seat.
c. Any type of clothing, glove, or footwear is allowed provided it is not a hazard to the shooter or
others. Clothing may be padded to reduce the pressure of the rifle stock resting on the arm or
knee. The padding may be e.g. felt, or layers of cloth.
d. The surface of the pad on which the stock rests must be flat and not shaped to provide lateral
support to the stock.
e. Separate pads may be worn over non-padded clothing provided that they conform to the above
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