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Default Gender division counter-productive in HFT

If the current UKAHFT class system was put in place in order to encourage more women to participate then it would seem to be failing, because after (I don't know how many) years we have relatively few women shooters. But perhaps that is simply because it is a sport that appeals mostly to men, and no gender-based class system is going to break down that lack of appeal. And yes, there are some cracking lady shooters out there most of whom score higher than me, as do many of the juniors who aren't, incidentally, differentiated by gender

I agree wholeheartedly with Jenny (and not because of the whip, boots and tight trousers, well ... not entirely because of that). There's plenty of blokes who will have given up because they see the 25-35 points they achieve in their first couple of comps and compare themselves to the rest of the field and are discouraged.

We should be doing all that we can to encourage any and all potential shooters to come into HFT and in my not so blinkin' humble opinion we should have 2, maybe even three Leagues or Divisions based on ability not gender. Any new shooter is automatically in the lower division and once or twice a year there are relegations and promotions. It would bring an extra edge to events: not only would shooters be competing for the top place or two in each division at each event, but they'd also be keeping an eye on their placing in the league, wanting to gain promotion or avoid relegation.

And in case there's worries about the increase in admin overhead, I seem to recall there was a chap once who'd an online database that would have worked it all out automatically .... (stands back, crouches, puts fingers in ears)

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