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Originally Posted by C.Eaton View Post
Surely a padlocked case would suffice?
Either that or remove the trigger blade for travel.
Law in Portugal
According to the Portuguese law any rifle under 24joules of energy is free to circulate in the country. Since we are competing with powers under 16Joules (12 ft/lbs), there will be no problem to enter in Portugal including the airport with your air rifle.

However there are some procedures and restrictions according the Portuguese Laws we all need to follow:

- Invoice or document: The only document the Police may request is the invoice of the rifle with the air rifle number, brand, model, caliber and power (<24j). In order to minimize any issues meetings with the local Police will take place and an invitation will be sent to you. But if you have the invoive, please bring with you. If you have any issues please contact us for clarification.

- Trigger locks: According to the Portuguese law even if you transport your rifle in a Peli Case (locked) you need a Trigger Lock when transporting the air rifle.
For those arriving by plane please take special attention to this matter.

- Silencers: are considered as a criminal offence. Don't bring these kind of accessories into Portugal.

- Muzzles are allowed.
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