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1. Ed Brown Full breakfast
2. Pete Dutton (Full Breakfast)
3. Pete Sparkes (Full Breakfast)
4. Derick Stone (Full Breakfast)
5. Tony Male (Full Breakfast)*
6. Graham Cole (sos and egg sarnie)
7. Kev Clarke (Full Breakfast)
8. John Clarke (Full Breakfast)
9. Greg Morss (breakfast to be decided)
10. Bill Birch (Full Breakfast)
11. Mik Monaghan ( Full Breakfast)*
12. Ken Swift ( full breakfast ) & if the weather is not to bad too !*
13 kev brooks (full breakfast)
14 ken pothecary (full monty)
15 stuart james (bacon sarny)
16. Geoff Jones ( bacon butty)
17.Ginge baker (full breakfast)
18. Karl Guest (sausage and egg sarnie)
19. Jon Myatt (sausage and egg sarnie)*
20. Richard Halford (breakfast to be decided)
21. Mark Thompson (full breakfast)
22. Kathy Thompson (full breakfast)
23.Paul Spencer (full breakfast)*
24. Greg Hensman (Full Breakfast)
25. Kieran Turner (Full Breakfast)
26. Grego hensman (Brekkie to be decided)
27. Rhian Jones.
28. Nigel Jones.
29. Ian Sheppard (full monty) - if I'm not in Norfolk
30. Matt Taylor (sausage and egg sarnie please)
31. Matt Terry (Bacon butty]
32 Dave Benyon [bacon butty]
33 Geoff Watkinson [bacon butty]
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