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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I don't think the OP was on about making it more difficult.

If you want to make it more difficult then make it 1/3 free, 1/3 kneel, 1/3 stand ... like it should be. It's having the greatest majority of the shots in the easiest position that's made courses evolve to where they are, so on a windy day it's hope for the best. If you made it equal between the 3 positions then you could have larger kills at closer distances for positionals and wind is less of a lottery. God forbid we make it a shooting game though ... most of the ' Desperate for points on the card ' brigade will stop playing.

I agree that with HFT you should be looking and saying " Just inside top of kill ... just inside his neck for wind " and so on.

The only issue is with max distances for various kill sizes and what you do with the max distance.
I take it you'd prefer indoors hft so theres no wind? , I personally think its a greater skill reading something you cant see than something you can , , its much more interesting , you get the odd lottery day but generally you should be able to read it or pick your moment properly
roll on those windy days !

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