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Originally Posted by C.Eaton View Post
Bear in mind that the initial cost of a big Nikko falling off the end of the production line is probably in the region of about 40 dollars, it's travel up the greedy food chain to the 650 you pay in the UK is a mixture of middle men, taxes and ultimately 'what they can sting you for'.
I've done a fair bit of product design/manufacturing and know the costs of prototyping etc and there's no way a Big Nikko costs $40 to drop off a production line. If that was true there would be much better and very specialist scopes available plus an army of small companies making them. I doubt you'd even break even after tooling on the first 3 batches and the market isn't that massive to start with.

The chain to punter is indeed costly, usually the distributor will only buy at 45-55% off the retail price and shops usually add 60% but that's the way it works, even with your spuds and beans!

One of the main problems with the UK is all the big distributors are very old fashioned and insist that you have a "walk in" shop - it's like they've never heard of the internet One day they will catch up, I hope.
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