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Originally Posted by craigtodd1968 View Post
Over the last 2 weeks I have had 2 shooters I know tell me that when they'd
Sent back there big nikkos mk 3 because the turrets wern't moving the ret.
They were told it was not covered on the warranty because it was down to wear
And tear and would cost 400 to fix.
Now fit for purpose comes to mind . Trading standards comes to mind .not buying a
A big nikko again as warranty ain't worth sh*t.
Anyone else had the same trouble from highland outdoors.
I have had my big nikko mk 1 for over 10 years so if that turret can
Work for thousands of clicks how can it be wear and tear on a year old
So called better scope.
They don't make 'em like they used to.

Any initial product has love and attention heaped on it to make a splash in the market, even if it hits profits. Follow on versions are where the bean counters get to work and maximise the profit by changing lenses, introducing nylon instead of brass etc, etc, while still playing on the reputation of the Mk.1
Unfortunately for the suppliers they can't get away with it as much as pre-Internet but they still do. Bear in mind that the initial cost of a big Nikko falling off the end of the production line is probably in the region of about 40 dollars, it's travel up the greedy food chain to the 650 you pay in the UK is a mixture of middle men, taxes and ultimately 'what they can sting you for'.
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