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Default Castle 2014-15 Season results

Final standings for the 2014-15 Castle FT league season.
Scores are calculated as the best 12 percentages over the year.

M Pitt _______-_____1200 pts_____42 shoots_____93.6% average_____38 top score
A Bain ______-_____1172 pts_____30 shoots_____91.9% average_____38 top score
J Walker ____-_____1141 pts_____18 shoots_____88.9% average_____36 top score
T Davenport _-_____1126 pts_____31 shoots_____85.5% average_____37 top score
P Rowley ____-_____1079 pts_____13 shoots_____87.0% average_____35 top score
C Jones _____-_____1037 pts_____20 shoots_____79.4% average_____35 top score
N Daniels ____-_____1019 pts_____12 shoots_____84.9% average_____38 top score
A Gillott _____-______697 pts______7 shoots_____99.6% average_____40 top score (twice)
D Wing _____-______412 pts______5 shoots_____82.5% average_____34 top score

P Tunstall ____-_____1127 pts_____31 shoots_____84.1% average_____38 top score
A Johnson ____-_____1112 pts_____17 shoots_____88.0% average_____37 top score
A Gough _____-_____1095 pts_____28 shoots_____84.2% average_____37 top score
M Henson ____-_____1093 pts_____14 shoots_____88.7% average_____38 top score
N Leeming ___-_____1089 pts_____17 shoots_____84.0% average_____37 top score
A Purseglove _-_____1089 pts_____15 shoots_____86.2% average_____36 top score
D Broughton __-_____1026 pts_____14 shoots_____82.5% average_____36 top score
S Page ______-______259 pts______3 shoots_____86.3% average_____32 top score
D Allen ______-______156 pts______2 shoots_____77.8% average_____36 top score
D Lindley ____-_______94 pts_______1 shoot_____94.4% average_____34 top score
C Large _____-_______84 pts_______1 shoot_____83.8% average_____31 top score
R Boden _____-_______66 pts_______1 shoot_____65.7% average_____23 top score

M Burrows __-_____1043 pts_____17 shoots_____81.1% average_____36 top score
D Bull ______-______896 pts_____15 shoots_____70.2 % average_____33 top score
R Scott ____-______612 pts______9 shoots_____68.0% average______32 top score

M Amos _____-_____910 pts_____13 shoots_____73.5% average_____33 top score
P Young _____-_____855 pts_____22 shoots_____64.4% average_____30 top score
A Williams ___-_____766 pts_____12 shoots_____63.9% average_____33 top score
T Scott _____-______539 pts_____8 shoots_____67.3% average_____31 top score
A Parsons ____-_____310 pts_____5 shoots_____62.1% average_____27 top score
D Jeffery _____-_____281 pts_____4 shoots_____70.3% average_____29 top score
A Baines _____-_____281 pts____12 shoots______23.4% average_____15 top score
S Proctor ____-______197 pts_____5 shoots_____39.4% average_____19 top score
T Shaw _____-______103 pts______2 shoots_____51.7% average_____16 top score
M P ________-_______42 pts_______1 shoot_____42.1% average_____16 top score
R Stacy _____-______28 pts_______2 shoots_____13.8% average_____5 top score

J Amos _____-_____1073 pts_____22 shoots____81.3% average_____36 top score
D Broughton __-_____294 pts_____4 shoots_____N/A______________33 top score
P Flinders ____-_____149 pts_____3 shoots_____49.7% average_____21 top score
R Long ______-______78 pts______1 shoot_____78.4% average_____29 top score
M Brewitt ____-______73 pts______1 shoot_____73.0% average_____27 top score
D Lindley ____-______70 pts______1 shoot _____N/A_______________26 top score
M Amos _____-______69 pts______1 shoot_____N/A_______________25 top score
R Dyson _____-______66 pts______1 shoot_____65.7% average_____23 top score

Cyril Julian Memorial Trophy Winner - M Henson
Portcullis Winner________________- N Hague (clear)

Reminder: Castle is hosting Winter League round 10 (final round) on 21/02/2016 for full Winter League schedule
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