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Originally Posted by Matt5mith View Post
Was going to say the same thing. I saw one being used the other day, it looked very nice!
Ive got the ultra , its better balanced with the hft 500 action in it than an ftp 900 , the wood work is a bit second rate BUT, carve or dremmel it out to totally suit your fingers and right / left handed suitability for your cheek piece as its a bit too ambi dextrous that led to me canting a bit ,and go for it , its a really good bit of kit that makes a perfectly good test bed for the more experienced shooters as well , really good adjustability, just needs a bit of rubber grip in the butt arm interface, Matt from sureshot is a really good bloke to deal with,
a carbine 400 in one of the short stocks would be phenomenal for a lady or junior , I, m trying to get round to sorting one for the missus
this makes more sense to me than going for a second hand limited adjustability gin b or whoever stock that has been fitted for someone else despite its apparent good looks .
Quite honestly the top personalised stock makers wouldnt regret sending one of these out to a customer to use as a template , despite its marmite looks I rate it nearly as good as the gorgous ftp stock, its also dead to shoot , 200 grammes lighter front end than an ftp as well,
Matt from sureshot is in talks as far as I can remember for an adjustable pistol grip rest and cantable ( is that a word ?) Hamster , perfect ,
I, m gonna fine tune my woodwork and go for a hydrographics dip on it , hmm maybe knotty walnut me thinks


FTP900 MTC connect,Welhamanium internals -sorted
HFT500, ACZ stock MTC connect
TX200 Mk3 CS1000 stock, hawke vantage sf , Nick G internals
Steyr ?, maybe , they cant all be wrong?

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