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It all comes down to personal choice .
The hw97 the hw77 the tx200 the pro sport are all very popular a few use the walther lgv competition ultra .
For the tunning again there are plenty of choices from the likes of sandwell field sports a vglide from Steve pope the full Monty from Dave hall and a few others.
A Paul Short ultra glude is also very good .

The tx if you buy a mk3 people like to short stroke these or fit light weight pistons ect.

Another option is a drop in kit which can be bought from most tuner's
Vmach kits ,sfs kits ,welsh Willy kits, target tune India ect.

Then you can add custom stocks for better fit and feel a heavier stock is sometimes preferred to help with recoil .

Again scope choice is just pick something that suits your eyes.
People do very well with scopes At 100 upto 2.5k for a s&b

An hw77 can easily compete any springer you can group well can be very good .
It's really down to the Person pulling the trigger

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