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Right, time to clear this up and hopefully lay it to bed because this is coming back to bite me in the ..... all over the shop and it’s a time of my life I have overcome and want to forget!.

Yes, I had a very bad drink problem and one that nearly killed me. The last year of me shooting last time out I was going through a bad time with my ex partner who I have 3 children with, I knew she was up to no good but I couldn't prove it. I hit the bottle and god did I hit it hard and then when everything came out I was getting through around 2 litres of Whiskey a day!. It turned out she was having an affair with a copper of all people!, I have never EVER or ever would hit a women so I couldn't take my anger out on her, hitting a copper would be like hitting the whole police force and my life would of been a living hell so I hit the bottle even harder. Then, one Saturday night I went out on the town with my mates and ended up waking up in hospital the following morning to be told I had too much blood in my alcohol system! (Yes, that was the doctor’s words). I stopped breathing twice that night but to this day I don't remember a thing.

Then, when I got home I opened my front door to find only a computer chair and a single bed, she had cleared the whole house out and took my 3 kids with her. My head was mush for that last year of me shooting, a few of my close friends knew my problems at the time but to the rest of my shooting buddies I put a brave face on, it was not something I wanted to be public knowledge at the time. So while it was not an excuse for me to be drinking, it was a good reason to drink because it helped me to forget at the time.

But then I met one of the most understanding caring women I have ever known, she helped me through my bad times, gave me 2 more beautiful children and a reason to get off the crap and get my life back on track. Its been over 6 years now since I last had a drink, I ain't even had a pint let alone any whiskey or even felt like I've wanted to drink so until I give anyone reason to think I have been drinking can we just lay this to bed and leave it where I did 6 years ago......In my past!.

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