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Originally Posted by Spencer View Post
This may sound obvious to everyone but as we know moisture can destroy our guns.

Unless you've been on Mars you will be well aware that the rain has been plaguing us for what seems like a forever now.

So this means for those that have ventured out with their guns in this is constant downpour, you are going to have to be extra vigilant against rust!

Unfortunately, i've had a few friends caught out recently, despite what they thought was a thorough clean and dry! They have have fallen victim to the dreaded Rust! Seeing beautiful bluing tarnished breaks my heart!

So to help preserve the finish on our prized possessions i have a top tip!

After cleaning drying and putting away I would advise a simple addition to your gun cabinet/storage area! A damp trap! Its a plastic pot filled with silica gel granules that has a water trap at the bottom. You can buy them for as little as 70p from supermarkets and other homewear shops. They last for months (depending on how damp your storage area is) and you can actually see the water that gets trapped, so simply replace the pot with a new one when its full.

This should suck up any remnants of moisture left on the gun and in the air and help protect against rust. This won't substitute for good cleaning practices but I hope this helps.
The tablets are not silica,c an't remember the name think it's calcium chloride, these
Like I say you have to be careful not to spill/splash the water. This time last year I had 4 walnut stocked rifles in the cabinet one a GC2 and never had any problems with damp . My cabinets are in the loft space ( bungalow)

Just be very careful when you come to empty the container as the water is salty I use a UNIBOND container with a grill on top and I buy loads of the re-fill tablets . Buy during the summer and they are very cheap . One tablet last about two months in my cabinets, no mildew or rust. Just to check I have placed steel washers on the shelf to monitor for rust starting, been using it for four years with no problems.
Also put VP90 packs in as well .

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