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Can you clarify do you shoot in sitting, kneeling and standing in a comp card if so how many of each? Also between shots are you forced to stand and reposition each couple of shots etc. Just intrigued in how it works in practice!
We have like "winter season" it is 6 competitions, aprox once a month, till october to march.
they are called BR-FT and "standart +". We shoot standert + then BR-FT then standart + again.. and so on. 3 of each kind.
BR-FT you can see on video, it is 50 shots in 30 mins, sitting position, using american BR target printed on a3 size paper.
"Standart +" is 64 shots, 16 of each kind: standing, kneeling, sitting and prone, so each person uses 4 sheets of targets, 1 for each position. Reglament of competition is: 15 mins to practice, then 16 mins for 16 shots standing, place new target, 16 mins to 16 shots kneeling, place new target, then same for sitting and prone positions.
We use this target (pdf inside)
It is 6 targets on a4 size paper, you shoot 4 shots in top 4 targets, the bottom 2 is for practice, and does not count. Scoring is: if the bullet hole is touching the inner circle, but located outside it, it counts as hit in inner circle. Both 4.5 and 5.5 cal can be used.
Most important, that this is semi "post" competitions, because they take place in one day in different places all over the country, and results are posted in google sheet. Every one can join, the only mandatory thing is to shoot in same day as others, to use same target, and minimum group of 5 people must participate in same location. Winners of the season is revealed by best 5 results, in 2 classes: PCP and spring.
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