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Thank you Brian, I picked up mine yesterday from NeilM at a local SWEFTA event and it was not long before it proved it's worth .....

During the competition a target was called as 'faulty' as the shooter reported seeing the pellet strike centre of the paddle without the target falling. A whistle was blown and the target visually inspected and then tested by hand/twig a few times before it was deemed to be OK.

Several more shooters went through that lane before it was again called as faulty. At that time I was on the adjacent lane so I offered to investigate by 'trailing' the new target tester.

The outcome was that the tester showed that the target was sticking and it failed the test at least 7 times out of 10. It did however knock the target over a couple of times if directed at the very top of the paddle, but if directed at the centre, sides or bottom of the paddle then the target would fail to fall, so obviously the target was faulty.

There was no problem with the mounting of the target, it was perfectly vertical and not sloping forward. The target was withdrawn from the competition but was given a good oil up and was tested again. This time it passed the test every time!

Conclusion, very pleased with it's performance on the first outing, looks like it's going to be a useful bit of kit I feel.
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