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We arent an affiliated club and operate on this basis weekly.We have no membership and have a pay to shoot fee of 4 for the session (9 til 1 Sundays only).We put out a 30 target course and have lots of plinking targets for beginners and accomplished shooters.
As the course is open all morning it offers more flexibility to those who cannot make a pre determined start time or would like to use the course at their leisure.Some choose to shooot a round nip off for a butty and come and shoot again,some can shoot 3 rounds in a morning.
As a result we attract lots of beginners,families etc,and i think our attendance reflects this.In the winter months we understandably get fewer families but get on average anything between 25 to 45 shooters in a morning,In the summer our highest peak was somewhere around 82 for this year.
We are also local to other excellent clubs such as Furnace Mill,Nomads,Rough wedge etc so our members often travel to these clubs to attend more official events and competions which we encourage wholeheartedly so shooters can appreciate the full range of the sport.

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