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Originally Posted by Steve Bowers View Post
Well I certainly got what I asked for from you!!!!

You've had some excellent gun I'm surprised you could ever part some of them.

Never been a fan of the HW stock or the Wolf, hand grip slopes back at too much of a angle for me but I would have had any of yours in my cabinet in a flash.

I'm I was going to have to pick the best I'd go for your Anschutz 9003 S2 Custom.

Love the simple combination of the two different woods with the cream coloured strips and it's the first time I've seen a stock with the C shaped section holding the check piece. VERY NICE !!!!

Question:- " how do you get your wife to ok all them guns " and doesn't she ever say " why do you need so many your can only shoot one at a time "

Cheers Steve, I've been very fortunate!

Gave up fishing so sold the boat! So wife very happy with the trade. No running costs for guns really!

Its been hard to let any go, regrets I have a few as the song says. Agree with the HW and Airwolf stocks pig ugly! Got a custom stock CS700 for the HW and it made a big difference in looks and handling. Have never touched the wolf its the original CDT version - as it shoots as good as any I've had so left well alone.

The wood for the Ani was done by a guy on here for very little money -JonH from Scotland great guy to deal with and makes some lovely kit. It is my best looking gun, shoots very nice and hope it will be a keeper!

Have an FTP to add to the gallery so will post pics of that soon.

Agree wish more would show off their pride and joy but they seem a bit reluctant - part of the fun for me to have some nice toys . Cant shoot for "sh*t" though as keep swapping back and forth!
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