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Default Cambridge HFT 13/12/2015

Cambridge HFT 13/12/2015

Glorious mud! Stiffens up the sinews and summons up the blood. Supposedly it's also good for a youthful complexion.
No rain and barely any wind led to some high scores today, with Tugg almost getting his second clearance.
Shame he missed the dickie bird; even I got that and I missed practically everything else.
Lots of luvverly prizes in the raffle, even a pair of quite nice scopes! My box of matchmakers lasted all of 5 minutes when it got home.
To top it all off there were homemade sausage rolls to fill our bellies.

Open class

Colin Wilson 59
Nigel Fleet 58
Alex Larkin 58
Gill Cochrane 57
Andy Day 57
Ian Clarke 56
Roger Lait 56
Neil Wakelin 56
Chris Boulton 55
Ray Hampton 55
Simon Vant 55
Ron Whitney 55
Lee Anderson 54
James Free 54
Geoff Ryder 54
Wayne Marriot 52
Dan Measures 52
Justin Rhone 51
Mike Averill 50
Andy Ireland 50
Mike Carney 49
Finn Cochrane 49
Simon Eley 49
Matt Mosley 49
Tony Haas 48
Will South 48
Mike Isaacs 47
Gordon Smith 47
Steve Hermitage 46
Martin Slane 46
Gerald Kieley 45
Kristian Kovacs 45
Mark Mcarthy 43
Mark Minchin 42
Tim Botting 41
Alan Measures 41
Chris Wells 41
Matt Bailey 38
Lee Nichols 35

22 class
Jeff Westley 52
Steve Youngs 51
Wayne Pearce 47
Luke Hermitage 44
Ralph Currie 32
John Osmand DNF
Matt Rawlings DNF ( had to go home and pick up the rest of the raffle prizes)

Recoiling class
Andy Yates 52
Kyle Hampton 51
Jake Day 47
Steve Martin 47
Rex Bennett 43
Jim Leamon 38
Stuart Smart 21

Veterans class
Ian Bainbridge 54
Kevin Turner 51
Keith Warburton 50
Richard Blackshire 49

Junior class
Olly Fleet 44
Lewis Botting 35
Nia Preston 34
Joe Sharman DNF

Ladies class
Jean Greatrex 54
Joanne Cogger 46
Bridget Vant DNF

Next shoot is on the 27Th if you can manage to prise yourselves off of the sofa. To Cambridge rules, set by Mr Westley (so expect it to be a bugger).

After that the first shoot of the new Year is the dreaded Diabolical on the 10Th???

Cambridge HFT would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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