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It's a nice idea. Well done.

I've always thought that local FT and HFT clubs should work with local police and schools more.

Say a visit to local schools once a year, with a local copper, to promote airgunning as a sport and encourage local kids interested in airguns to go to the club, where they will receive proper safety instruction, and be able to enjoy airgunning in a safe atmosphere. Local police can support this and give a balanced comment on how just getting hold of an airgun and doing daft things with it may seem tempting, but could get you in a lot of trouble. Adding that the local police don't want to stop people enjoying airguns, but would sooner them enjoy them in a safe environment at the local club.

So target schools. Also target the local gunshops. We have several in our town. So they can put posters up to promote the local clubs on an open day. Get the local paper to promote the day and sell it from the angle that local clubs are working to promote airgun safety in that community.
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