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Default Shooting jacket

Originally Posted by Rapido View Post
Thanks ... This comes quite close to the position I feel most comfortable in. I have my left foot flat on the floor, though, but grip round knee, right elbow the same.

The tip of eyes closed, see what the scope does, helped. Indeed I think that my scope should be a bit higher.

In the FT competition here I see the good FT'ers using a shooting jacket, the same that is used in 10 M competitions. i have heard no one about this? not accepted in UK? It will aid in stability I should say.
A shooting jacket will give you more stability but only if you have the basic position right.
What you are fighting with is yourself, you will be pulling and pushing the rifle from side to side. Then on release of the shot your body will recoil to where it should be when relaxed ,causing a snatched shot.
I have shot field target now for about 6years and although my results have improved ,there is still room for further improvement. It takes time and results come slowly but when it all falls into place ,so do the targets.
Get your basic position sorted and then ask someone of a similar size if you can try their jacket,you will be amazed at the difference it will make.
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