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Agree 100% with Brian. Shooting comps (big, small, club, home, away) is the way forward. Nobody apart from you cares what you score. You'll start learning what the wind does in certain conditions, and you'll embed your body position in your mind through proprioception (aka "muscle memory", how your body "feels")

Something I wish I'd done but haven't got round to doing (and tend to forget most of the targets I've shot) is:

Take a little notebook and make some notes on which ones you hit and missed. The reason if you know, and where the pellet went if you saw it. Note down for each target info like the kill size, positional or not, its range, and your estimate of where the wind was coming from at the time. Do a little rough sketch of aimpoint v impact - just a circle, a cross to show centre of scope crosshairs and a dot to show pellet strike. If this sounds like a lot to do it isn't, the sketch takes 5 seconds. It could be shorthand like:
5F 40 54 +O.
6F 25 33 x
7K 40 27 .O+

which would mean
Target 5, Freestyle, 40mm kill, 54 yards, aimed left of kill, hit outside low right
Target 6, Feestyle, 25mm kill, 33 yards, hit but didn't see where in kill
Target 7, Kneeler, 40mm kill... well you get the idea.

Once noted, don't dwell on it and especially don't over analyse it until you're off the course. It will mess with your state of mind and you'll never get in the zone.

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