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I think you have to find a position that is comfortable and repeatable for you.

I've had a go at all of them. Some I physically can't get into and some I can but it's just too uncomfortable.

It's interesting as a newbie to look at photos from events and see how the better shooters sit.

It's interesting to see Jack using a wide leg stance and then his upper back and neck are bent over to get to the scope. Another Welsh lad Berty shoots with a simialr wide leg stance and his fore hand is very forward on the stock. This 'wide' platform must give good stability if you can cope with the back/neck curve.

It's also interesting to see Simon Ayers sit in the old traditional FT style ( arms folded over knees ). His body shape seems to lend itself to that and he looks very comfortable with a straightish back/neck in that position. Similarly John Costello looks nice and upright and comfortable and hooks his right arm around his right knee. Conor uses the more modern position with front hand cupping the knee and right elbow resting on right thigh. His back and neck are bent more to get to the scope and typical of that position his upper body has to lean back slightly. That will take some core strength.

Without sounding too much of a stalker it's interesting that these guys are all relatively young and probably reasonably fit and flexible. They have all been very successful in recent years.

There are other successful shooters and most have decent body shapes and are still quite young.

This year's World FT Champ is another young, slim guy from Russia.

In springer the last two World Champs have been Bri and Steve ( another old style arms over knees ). Neither are dinosaurs and, again, both guys look quite fit and have long enough legs that they aren't having to have 3 feet between scope and fore hand or having to contort into position.

Always exceptions. Gilly is a shortish chap but has found a way to sit comfortably with high scope rails and a very high cheekpiece. This keeps the bore low with respect to his supporting front hand and knee.

I know it's much more than this ... but having decent body dimensions to lend to a certain position, and/or decent core strength and flexibilty ( youth ) are definitely an advantage.

I wrestle with my sitting position, and even though I can get it reasonably steady now, I can feel old muscles/bones struggling to hold the position. My core strength is pants. I am much more comfortble in a orthodox kneeling position. I've done tests over the years and have often found that I actually get better groups kneeling than I do sitting, because I'm taking the shots in a comfortable relaxed position, and the breathing is easy and natural without being strangled.

Like Ruud, I'm 54, and if I tried the position in the SA photos I'd pass out.

I know there's Calps ... but he's not really ancient ... and he's played this game forever ... and he's pretty good ...

... are there many older shooters ( say over 50 ) that win comps, series, in Field Target?

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