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Originally Posted by Rapido View Post
Hey Brian, you should have a look at the updated manual (lots of additions from Maestro), with 3-4 sitting positions and approx. 100 photo's of styles used by UK FT shooters - not one the same .

It gave me the confidence not to try too hard on a particular 'theoretical' position, but trying to find one which suits me.

I have a rule that I will start competition when I feel I can get 75% of the targets ... I'll let you know when I/ve entered my first one . First the WC HFT in Kelmarsh coming March!

I have the impression the general atmosphere in the sport is the same as here in the Netherlands: very friendly, helping each other, no 'knives on the table' to use a van Gaal expression

Thanks everybody for the long and thorough explanations! Very helpful indeed!
Hi Ruud,

You might want to take a look at this video as well. Lots of different sitting positions for you to study!

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