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Originally Posted by Rapido View Post
Hi Rich,

Yes, I have on. It's not the gear that's at fault, I am )
Try opening your legs a bit and try and make sure that your right arm/elbow (if shooting right-handed) is not swinging loose, i.e. try and get your elbow to anchor on your right leg.

Imagine how stable a tripod is, then build your position with this in mind so that with the rifle pivoting on your knee, everything behind this pivot point is stable.

Relax, you're probably all tense, not breathing properly and this all adds to the instability. Try and relax into the position so that you could hold it for hours if necessary.

Don't grip the hand-grip too tightly, again this will cause instability. Imagine the hand-grip as just a support for the trigger finger, so hold as lightly as possible at least until you get more experienced.

The bean bag should support, not be a throne, so make sure that you settle into it, not sit on top of it. Wiggle your butt and you should drop a bit into the bag.

Get into position addressing a particular target, do everything you would normally do but don't shoot it. Close your eyes and relax, get more comfortable than you were, move legs, arms, whatever to get comfortable, all with your eyes kept shut. Get your breathing slow and measured, partially breath out, hold it, then open your eyes.

Ok don't move, just assess your position, are you still looking through the scope or has it dropped? If so then you need to adjust the cheek-piece and butt pad to bring the rifle up. Are you still pointed at the target or off to one side? If off, then physically move your whole body to get back on target, DO NOT swing your upper body to get back on target, move the whole body.

Ok once you're happy you've aligned on target again, do the exercise again, and again until you can open your eyes and you're still on target.
Once you get to this stage, don't move, feel every part of your body and REMEMBER where your arms & legs are, especially where elbows are located, feet placed in relation to the target. Memorise which way your feet are in relation to the target so that you can get the same angle again, time after time.

Finally, get up, put the rifle on the bean bag, do a little walk then sit down and get into exactly the same position again and again and again until you can do it without thought, then maybe you can concentrate on the business of actually shooting....
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