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Originally Posted by Rapido View Post
Do you use a butt-hook and did it make a difference to you?
Conor's also pretty good at this game so I'd listen to him and get your position right first.

I chose to do that ( no butt hook ).

I read up quite a lot on butt pads and hooks. All the info said that it is wrong to try and use a hook to help hold steady on aim. The advice was that the butthook should just be used to make the hold consistent.

I use an adjustable rubber Wegu type buttpad. It is set high for sitters and kneelers but is set low for standers. So I didn't get a hook but concentrated on trying to get my sitting position consistent and steady.

Then again ... I generally don't go for all the add ons. I don't use an adjustable hamster either. I get more enjoyment out of trying to shoot my way past problems like angled shots etc rather than looking for a crutch. That's just my opinion.

Good luck and keep posting to let us know how it's going.
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