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Hi Ruud,
Good to read we have another new shooter in FT class . We could do with some extra FT shooters. Hope to see you in Schalkhaar at one of our matches again, but this time as an FT shooter.

As for your question: It can introduce errors when using holdover and changing the magnification at the same time. The problem that can happen is that when you do not turn the magnification to exactly the same setting each time, your reticle dot or hash that you use as an aiming point will be in a different position (when using a second focal plane scope). The distance between the center and your aiming marks will change with the magnification. So if you think you put the mag on 10x but by mistake it is at 15x your shot will be off.

On the other hand: it is also very well possible to make an error when turning the elevation knob. Turning it in the wrong direction so you are in the wrong rotation of the knob has happened to me, and many a FT shooter I guess . Especially when going from the 10 or 12 meter setting to the 50 meter setting. These are normally really close together on the turret. If you then choose to turn counterclockwise where you see the number 50 printed nearby you are one turn out. If the next target is then a 30 meter one, you will almost certainly not realize and turn the elevation turret even more in the wrong direction.
I made myself a turret stop after this happened to me halfway a match and I got freaking mad because I missed all targets after that and could not think of a reason why. The turret stop limits the rotation to maximum 360 degrees.

In the FT game there's more things that can go wrong on your equipment than in HFT, just realizing this and staying focused is the strategy there. But you'll find out for yourself...
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