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Originally Posted by GaryB View Post

I own a Wolverine B which is only a few months old, I love it and it's accuracy and ability to be used in the field and range. However I'm leaning toward FT opposed to hunting and HFT but want to keep the rifle and don't want to (wife will not allow) a gun collection, she has enough with all my other hobbies taking up space...

So I'm looking to get a nice FT stock made by Gary Cane fully adjustable as you'd need for FT in green / grey laminate and also a carbon bottle & shroud to help adjust the balance etc.

I know it will be a bit of a frankenstein rifle but in my mind I think it could look ok.

So apart from the obvious cost and how I could nearly afford a normal FT rifle for what this will cost and looks being subjective is there any technical reasons why I may be throwing my money away?

Any thoughts good bad and probably ugly accepted

My thoughts, just my opinion, your money would be better spent to begin with. Use your original stock, get adjustable cheek piece, adjustable butt, perhaps hamster. This should cost around 100 ish.

FT allows range finding, so the rest of your budget goes on the best scope you can afford.

If you find the FT bug bites hard then blow money on more specialised stock/rifle.

This from an HFT shooter, feel free to ignore

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