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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
You are correct, this is Mr.Blobby, er I mean Mark Fisher.
Quiet a good spring gun shooter on occasion and once was a very good Pcp shooter, scores have tailoured off a bit over the last year or two.
He has a point on standers, miss the 4 or 6 on most courses, guess its 2 in Nefta? and your going to find it very hard in a lot of comps to pull back the missed targets. That's mainly in my view as so many grounds have lost the wind, especially this year!

This weekend, I shall mainly be shooting a springer, I think its going to be my first Ft comp with a springer I must read through the fish's posts and jot down the top tips.
Yay hey, Simon's come over to the dark side!
Good luck fella
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