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Hi Chris

Yes I did shoot springer fella.

I deleted some of my post as I'm trying to limit my replies to a million words or less.

Like Rammy says the quality of the German stuff looks excellent. I deleted the bit where I'd said that I measured the heads on my H&N FTT. The heads were very very consistent. Not like JSB and Cros Prems that I've measured. The lengths were variable though. There were tiny bits of 'swarf' on the bottom edges of the tails.

Simon Ayers, who you'll know is a top FT guy, mentioned in a post that he'd tried H&N FTT but found stability and BC at longer FT ranges let them down in his rifle.

They are one of those pellets that I've always wanted to do well in my guns. I have guns that love the 10.6gr Barracuda and the consistency/accuracy of those, that I've had ( a while now mind ) has been superb. I wanted the lighter 8.6gr FTT to be the same. Sadly it wasn't the case in my guns.

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