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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
FT is all about hitting your standing shots...if you can't....then your no where...
As a relative newbie I just keep reading this.

I don't know a lot of people's real or internet names but I think this poster is something to do with pumping and fish? So last year's UK Recoil Champ? Sorry if I'm wrong.

This ... got to hit your standers or you've lost ... Can't be right. Surely. You may as well just save a load of time and put some standers out ... or see who wins on the Sillies. Let the AA's shoot those and save time for everyone else.

How many standers on a course? 10% ? So the top guys ( and where the winner will come from ) are only really competing over 10% of a course! I'm not sure what that's about but folk will say it's worked for decades and if it aint broke ... blah de blah.

Springers are simply harder to shoot consistently. If you are having a great day then you can get pretty close to the decent PCP guys. It's just that consistency. You get it slightly wrong and you will have a very bad day.

I reckon springer folk are shafted all ends up ... even more so in HFT.

It isn't just shooting the courses. That's a very small part of doing well at these games. The work is all in the prep and the practice. Shooting a course is then handling the pressure and repeating the good practices you learn on a range on a course.

So if you are shooting a PCP it's a lot easier ( in my opinion ) to find the right pellet/batch. You rest the PCP on a bag etc and test the pellets. If you get the trigger action right you'll find the best pellet. Using a springer it's still not easy ... and day to day ... to get great groups, even with the best pellet. So finding the best pellet is much harder ( for me ). Is this tin/batch giving poor groups because it's a poor batch ... or because I'm not shooting the springer great today?

Same with setting up scopes and learning holdover/under or clicks. I've shot a PCP rested with a known good pellet and the POI's are pretty much consistent. Using the springer ( especially the 77's ) the POI's can be different session to session. Is that something to do with the gun, scope, pellets, wind, temp ... or am I holding it slightly differently or releasing the trigger slightly differently.

Elevation shots have crept into the game. So people have bought Rowan multi adjustable thingies so they can pretty much use their usual stance. Not really a massive problem with a pcp. You get the thing on aim ... you hold it as steady as possible ... you get the shot off well. If you start doing that with a springer and start sliding your fore end further forward, or further back, or you have it sitting in your shoulder slightly differently, the poi jumps.

Wonderfully satisfying when you are knocking targets down. ****ing annoying, pre-historic pieces of sh**e when you keep missing and you are sure you are doing your bit right.
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