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Hey up Pirate

It's another one of those 'made by someone else and rebadged jobs'.

I'm pretty sure these are H&N Field Target Trophy ( FTT ) made for Weihrauch by H&N and badged Weihrauch F&T Special.

H&N FTT weigh in at around 8.6gr. Loads of threads on the internet claiming the weights are all over the place from 8.4gr up to 9gr+.

The people weighing Weihrauch F&T Specials seem to be claiming around 8.6gr - 8.9gr. One poster also says that they are very slightly different to H&N FTT as the heads are a tad flatter. I reckon that's because H&N are making these for Weihrauch and probably using sets of dies specific to Weihrauch ( just like other manufacturers do for other companies ).

Same old same old matey ...

Try them and if the tin/batch that you have is sweet in your rifle then get loads of them.

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