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Originally Posted by cloverleaf View Post
For the sake of transparency, replying to this thread re-ignited my anger at getting screwed by Benke so I sent him another email - which actually got a response!

I'm hoping that he'll remain true to his word and get everything sorted.. will keep the forum updated.

To add to the payment discussion, I used Transferwise who I found to be very good
Just a quick update for anyone still considering dealing with Benke.. the response mentioned in my last post turned out to be a load of empty promises, just like all those that had come before it.

Around a month ago I contacted Steyr Sportwaffen in Austria who apparently gave him a nudge; however I've heard nothing from him in this time. Having contacted them yesterday, Steyr are apparently looking into it again.. whether this results in any meaningful outcome remains to be seen.

As many have said in the past - judge a supplier on how they handle thing when they go wrong, rather than when they're going right. As it stands as the moment my dealings with Benke when things went wrong couldn't really have been any less productive
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