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Compared to others, my experiments on this matter have been different and a bit cursory.

I noticed excellent accuracy but massive wind drift on the very first LG100's, back in 2002. Borrowing a microscope, I rodded pellets through several 'barley twist' barrels and found severe damage to the pellets caused by the sharpness of the lands pulling pieces off the pellets and sometimes ripping the skirts.

Obviously the damage on a pellet accelerating to 780 fps would be different, but never the less the very sharp lands would be having an effect.

I managed to reduce a little the wind drift by working on the barrels to reduce the land sharpness, but the barrels were hard and I didn't want to get aggressive, as it is pretty easy to go too far and ruin a barrel.

The very first EV2's had a similar issue with the CZ barrels, which is the reason AA changed to WL barrels. I was supposed to be sent some 'rejected' barrels to experiment with, but the whole thing fizzled out in the end. Shame really, it would have been interesting to experiment.
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