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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
Put it this way , have you seen an ftp with nothing other than the barrel ??,?I think it looks dreadful , how many people have different strippers , sometimes even anodised to match their kit
Ive sleeved both my 500 and 900 and I like it , thats why I tested it to make sure it didnt cause issues
Gantons rifle looks the biz and I bet he gets a good feeling shooting it , why all the red, and carbon , ive seen a few Ft rigs that are so tall you can see the things are unstable bit if you like it then thats good surely,
gotta admit I, d be a bit bored shooting a totally standard rig , just make sure it dont cause issues, plus you may stumble onto something that has a positive effect
All clear to me now, thanks Vinny
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