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Originally Posted by Metallninja View Post
I'm doing some research on buying a new scope. I saw the thread title and thought I'd get my answer, how disappointed to not find a good answer due to ******** and moaning about off topic ********.

Does anybody have some recent feedback on the Sightron?
I'm using EB 10x42 on my springer but it doesn't seem to hold zero. EB say its not really for springers and the factory has closed with regards to the lifetime warranty.
Also considering the Bushnell Elite 6500.

Any reviews? Will be for HFT


Well you either love them or are indifferent to them.
I have three! And I have purposely bought the early ones that are not true mildot, but still closer to true than a lot of other scopes for HFT that I can mention.

One thing about them is that they are consistent in quality from scope to scope, and you can twiddle all day and they come back onto POI. The earlier scopes have a ret that is 1.2 mildots which is perfect for HFT as it means that with a standard height set up and 30 zero you aim on the top edge of the dot for 45 yards, giving you a clearer view of the kill. 40 yards is virtually the same 1/2 MD and 35 just under 1.4 on most of my guns on medium mounts. I can give bracketting charts for 110 mm kill to hinge if anyone needs them.

To my eyes they are as good as anything I have looked through, but they are not the best depth of field, so if you dont use blur to some extent forget it, buy a connect.

A few have said that they get some PX error but all scopes have some PX error! What I do like is that they are easy for me to align my eye consistently in order to reduce this.
Oh and as long as you dont use eggshell foam bags you shouldnt move the target turrets , although I have heard that you can stiffen them up if it bothers you. I always re zero the turrets after changing zero.
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