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Default Drifting with the Breeze

Hi just thought I would start a new thread, and get others views on this, more than likely this has been covered before but here goes anyway.

We here Guys saying my rifle carries more wind at distance than this or that rifle, when I here this the old grey matter starts ticking.

When you consider how many air rifles must be fitted with Lother Walther Barrels, and some with CZ barrels,
Lets take the Walther ones first.

If you have two rifles of different manufactures but both fitted with Walther barrels, and both doing say 780 FPS, same pellet there should be no difference in how much the pellet at the other end is carried by the wind.

Now are different manufactures asking for different twist and the number of turns in the barrel length they request.

When a barrel is made to possibly a standard length the rifling is a standard 2.5 turns from the breech to the muzzle, I am not saying it is because I do not know how many turns they are made with, but some rifles do have that, now lets say that length is 16 or 17 inch long, yet one manufacture cuts their barrel down, so less twists in the barrel, so the pellets has a different spin ratio to the longer barrel, this may be the reason why some say their rifle carries more wind.

When you look at the same rifle made yet you say to yourself how can the others have problems with the shooting the same pellet as me, its all over the place, this brings us back to different batch numbers of pellets, which someone will no doubt raise.

I wonder if using a shorter barrel causes different problems with the pellet than a longer barrel, take a GC2, they were fitted with a long barrel and I have had two plus the ones I know of and not one has suffered from accuracy problems like we are getting today, does this shorter barrel which needs more volume of air to get the same speed is this the reason which affects the flight of the pellet, where as a longer barrel needs less air because its in the barrel longer, I know some will say it the choke which has the effect, but it just makes me wonder.

I hope this debate raises lots of views on this subject, and don't for get this is just a thought on my part, some may have carried out test on various barrels, of different lengths.

I hope you will excuse my English I have problems in how I lay my words out, but the crux of this is here, enjoy the debate don;t get wound up.
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